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what is a girls generation i dont like it
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first discovering SNSD: omfg how am i going to tell them apart

later in the obsession: omg yes that's Taeyeon i can tell by her ear shape

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Anonymous asked: do you feel *i bet most of sones feel it too* taeyeon changed so much now? i am watching snsd's old video now, and mostly about taeyeon.. how happy she was back then! comparing her appereance in variety show now and in the past.. she rarely talked in interview.. she kinda lazy to answer.. she kinda lazy when she sang her part in snsd's song.. do you think she's feeling forced to promote with snsd? she can't put out her own aura, different when she sang her solo song..


Welcome to reality. Taeyeon is a 3-dimensional, real person. She isn’t a TV character who has the same personality 24/7 but an actual human being with dynamic motions, working in a highly stressful occupation that puts an expiry date on her face from the moment she debuts.

I did say when Taeyeon started using SNS that people are going to find out the real Taeyeon. The one with the mood swings. The one who kinda withdraws into herself to wallows in her own emotions. For a lot of fans, to see that side of her was a gift, I suppose… but then you will have other fans that worry from seeing it.

Taeyeon has always said that in the rookie days, she had to fill in the gaps and step up as a leader where her members couldn’t or didn’t. If there was a question during interview that nobody answered, she would do it. If there was an awkward atmosphere during a variety show, she would break the ice. She felt it was her duty to do so.

She went on the record to say that after her members started opening up a bit more on camera and could carry interviews and shows by themselves, she could take a step back and let them take the limelight. That is what a leader does. That is a “good example” of a what the eldest member of a social group should be doing.

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What if Girls’ Generation were Youtubers?

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And their choreography is pretty amazing.

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