what is a girls generation i dont like it
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SNSD’s song titles in MVs

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Don’t trend my birthday on facebook, twitter, weibo, etc. Just keep praying for the victims. That’s my wish!
Jessica Jung (weibo)
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Happy Birthday Jessica! 

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Happy birthday to my one and only queen!

It has been four years since you became my beloved bias. I would admit that at first I thought you were a cold person, but as time went by that I continue cheering on for So-Nyeo-Shi-Dae, I saw how you are a cute tiny princess that I’d love to keep in my pocket with your dolphin shrieks, your hatred for cucumbers, your sleepy moments, etc.

I love everything about you. I love how strong you are against all the hate even before you debut, I love how you wouldn’t try to be someone else in front of the camera. I love your professionalism. I love how you would work hard to keep the smiles on our faces. I love everything about you.

Please stay strong, and I know that there’s only a very little chance of you reading this but I will continue to support you, and the girls no matter what path fate may put you into.

Happy birthday, Princess Maomao! 

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